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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  September 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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up the murals. >> they say it works. vandals don't touch the murals. we have 40 murals across the d.c. area. bill cosby actually tweeted about this. i never thought my first bite of half smoke, onions, and chili would lead to this. now i've got my picture up. they love him down there. american embassies remain on guard this morning as violent protests continue in several muslim countries. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. tgif, it is friday, september 14th. taking a live look outside. we are hoping for another nice day. we can't complain with low humidity and cloud free skies. >> we can handle just about
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anything, tom kierein. >> i feel your hope, and i'm going to deliver. we've got this continued dreamy weather just in time for the weekend. it's going to be continuing. good morning. we're starting off this morning with a few clouds rolling in from the west, and under those clouds, it's another chilly morning. we do have a little patchy fog that's been forming. right now temperatures around the region are down in the 50s again, like it has been last several mornings. and we do have the autumn constellations peeking through the ouds up there. it's only near 50 shenandoah wa valley in the mountains. much of northern maryland, eastern shore, down in the low to mid-50s. reagan national low 60s. by 6:00 a.m., that patchy fog around, partly cloudy. low 50s to mid-50s. by noontime, for your lunch hour, great for outdoor lunch, mid-70s, low humidity, and low humidity through the rest of the afternoon. when you're coming home for work and school, we'll be back down in the upper 70s. sunrise this morning is at 6:49.
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sunset at 7:17. a look at your friday evening and hometown forecast in ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella. checking out the roadways for you, if you're traveling in virginia, making your commute along the dulles toll road. travel lanes are open. not seeing any road work in place. 66 looks clear. earlier there was road work set up east and west. those cones are set up. let's get a live look as you look at sudley eastbound, nice and clear. traveling inside the beltway on i-66 as well, no incidents to report. if you're taking the rails, i'm checking them now. no delays along the metro, marc, or vre. all running on or close to schedule. angie and aaron, back over to you. we're following a developing story in the middle east. just in the last couple of hours, a no-fly zone put in place over benghazi, libya, after the deadly embassy attack there. this comes as protests rage in
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11 countries. a live look from cairo, egypt, this morning. crowds still gathered outside the u.s. embassy. news 4's melissa mollet live with the latest of the situation on the ground. >> these demonstrations continue overseas. so far more than 200 people have been injured in the protests at 11 u.s. compounds. there have been explosions and fires overnight at the u.s. embassy in cairo. protests have expired to libya and egypt to yemen, iran, and iraq, and officials expect more protests today. the protests over a film made here in the u.s. blasting is many la. police are investigating the man who posted the video online. he is on probation and not supposed to be on the internet. fbi agents have gone to investigate the attacks overseas. there are now four people in custody for the attacks that killed u.s. ambassador to libya
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christopher stevens. sean smith, tyrone woods, and officer glen doherty were also killed. a bulletin released warning first responders of the potential for large protests in u.s. cities. it makes no mention, though, of any specific threats. >> melissa mollet, thank you. and the bodies of the four americans killed in that embassy attack in libya expected to arrive back in the u.s. this morning. a c-130 carrying the victims arrived at ramstein air base in germany. more than two dozen people evacuated from the consulate were on board as well. a security guard will be awarded today for stopping a gunman. leo johnson will receive a reward tonight. he had been working security last month when a gunman opened fire in the lobby. johnson is credited with disarming the gunman after
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getting shot in the arm. authorities say the suspect, floyd corkins, disagreed with the council's politics. today the alexandria man who pleaded guilty to attempting a terror attack on the u.s. capitol will learn his fate. prosecutors say 29-year-old amin khalifi wanted to blow up the capitol. authorities arrested him in february in an undercover fbi sting. they say he tried to use phony weapons he acquired from an undercover agent who he believed to be an undercover operative. al khalifi is an illegal immigrant from morocco. he faces 25 to 30 years in prison. mitt romney will be in ohio speak at a college just outside cleveland. this comes a day after yet another visit to virginia where his rally got off to a rough start. >> what a tragedy to lose such a wonderful -- wonderful peoe that have been so wonderful and appreciate their service for the country.
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>> a heckler tried to interrupt mitt romney as he tried to offer a moment of silence. that protester was met it chants of "usa" from romney supporters. he continued to attack president obama's handling of the situation in the middle east. and paul ryan will visit rockingham fairgrounds in harrisonburg, virginia. yesterday mitt romney was in fairfax, and first lady michelle obama appeared at two events, one in richmond and the other in fredericksburg. virginia is expected to be one of the most important states up for grabs in november. right now president obama is leading in the commonwealth and other battleground states. a new nbc/wall street journal poll shows the president ahead of mitt romney in three key states. in virginia and florida, he leads romney by five points among the voters. that lead jumps to seven points
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in ohio. political experts say these are fairly large leads for the president, but they can easily be wiped out if romney has a strong first debate, which is scheduled for october 3rd. stocks will open on wall street today on multiyear highs, thanks to new efforts by the federal reserve. word the fed would inject $40 million sent stocks soaring today. it will also keep short term interest rates at the record lows through mid-2015. a live look at capitol hill, where congress is taking up a spending bill to prevent a government shutdown. the house approved a measure yesterday that essentially puts the government on autopilot for six months. the bill passed on a largely bipartisan vote. the republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan voted for the measure, even though it permits
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spending above the budget plan he offered this spring. the senate expected to take it up next week. the rush is on as people try to get their hands on the new iphone. are you getting one? >> no. also making her own road. how one driver put a stop to a woman's routine for getting around the school bus. [ woman ] before allegra, my allergy medicine
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took hours to work or made me drowsy. after allegra, i have the only 24-hour medicine that's both fast and non-drowsy. after allegra, i have it all. yesterday people in arizona, ohio, utah, and nevada could see this strange looking smoke in the sky. they were pretty stumped as to what it was. turns out it was a contrail from a ballistic missile test in new mexico. it creates this mystical looking light and some smoke there. >> it's extraordinary, but that's scary. you're intercepting a missile. i'm living in new mexico and waking up and seeing that.
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>> at least we know what it was. that's the relieving part. talking about what's in our skies right now. not a whole lot. we hope it stays that way. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> good morning. off to another chilly start. poolesville, northern montgomery county, in the 50s. by noontime, the upper 70s and partly sunny. the whole region hour by hour will warm to near 80. by midafternoon and partly sunny during the afternoon. we're going to have a partly cloudy evening. a look at the weekend and next week in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. cheing things out on i-270, no issues to report. we'll fly over it together because it's friday and that's what i do. i like flying over things. southbound 65 miles an hour in clarksburg. nice and clear. in fact, no issues as you make your way northbound or southbound. even in gaithersburg area, your travel lanes are open. no construction to report. connecting to the spur and even
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to the beltway, smooth sailings for you. here's a look at the beltway. no issues again. keep in mind, as you make your way by university boulevard, had a work zone there, it's nice and clear. to get from i-270 to i-95, that drive taking your two minutes. >> danella feeling the traffic this morning. loving the friday light. thanks, danella. >> it is 5:13 on this friday morning. a new warning about those popular over the count ur pain relief creams.
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so everyone knows that you're supposed to stop for a school bus with flashing red lights. well, apparently not everyone. check out what this driver is cleveland does. not only ignoring the flashing lights, but going out of her way to go around the school bus. the driver says it happens every morning, and the police wanted proof. so the bus driver used his phone to record that video, and the driver was caught. then her mother offered up this explanation. >> for some reason it seems to take them an inordinately long time. clearly, the handicapped board cannot run across the street. there's a factory across the street. >> that's her explanation? >> actually, the building is a daycare center, and if you're wondering why the driver was in such a hurry, she was taking her daughter to school, which is no example. there's no excuse. find another route. >> so she's a parent too, and not sensitive to the fact that you can't just -- and on the
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sidewalk at top speed, it looks like. come on, lady. she was only cited for passing a school bus. >> find another route. enough said. a tragic accident at a las vegas bus stop leaves four people dead. >> yes, it did, and at least seven other people injured. a car left the road and crashed into those people waiting at the stop. police say the driver of that car is now facing drunk driving charges. a police officer was getting gas nearby and saw the car lose control and slam into the bus stop. sally struthers is in hot water after getting arrested for drunk driving. she was pulled over wednesday morning in maine. she faces a $500 fine and 90-day suspension of her license. no jail, though. the 65-year-old actress is best known for her role in all in the family and in her tv ads trying to help children's charities. negotiations will pick back up today in the chicago teachers strike after the two sides failed to reach a deal this
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morning. the teachers out on the picket lines today, extending the first teachers strike in the windy city in 25 years. the school board president said the teachers worked on evaluations, which is one of the sticking points. union delegates are set to meet later this afternoon, and negotiators are hopeful they can have a deal by then. today neil armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, will be buried at sea. there was an emotional good-bye for armstrong at the national cathedral yesterday. more than 2,000 people packed into the church. former apollo 11 crew members bud aldrin and michael collins attended the ceremony. the cathedral has special significance. it has a stained glass window embedded with a moon rock that armstrong and his crew brought back. you can make sure you're one of the first to own the iphone 5. the latest apple creation went on sale this morning. fans can preorder the phone, and it will ship out later todnext week.
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the iphone 5 features a new smaller dock connector which has upset apple fans. they'll have to buy all new accessories with that new connector. >> phones going for as much as $900. >> they're expensive. >> good luck to you. if you use the over the counter pain creams, the fda says they may burn you. some consumers have reported serious skin injuries while using certain topical pain relievers that are applied to the skin for muscle or joint pain. they range from mild to severe chemical burns. the problem has been reported with brands such as icy hot, ben gay, capzasin and flex-all. the sour economy has put a lot of pressure on workers, and that could mean bad things for your health. a large stutdy out of europe found that demanding jobs with high stress are linked to a 23% higher likelihood of contributing to a first heart attack. smoking and lack of exercise pose greater risk.
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researchers say the current economic crisis may become a big factor in work related heart attacks. more than 30,000 evacuees should be able to return to their homes later today in guatemala. eruptions from a large volcano sent clouds of ash two miles into the sky and rivers of lava flowing down the side. emergency officials evacuated 17 surrendering villages. while it's only six miles away, guatemala's main tourist destination, antigua, has not been impacted by the eruptions. the current drought situation in the u.s. is now one of the worst on record. according to the national climatic center, 60% of the country is extremely dry. the only time it was worse was the dust bowl in the 1930s and back in the 1950s. 90% of nebraska is coping with drought conditions. the united states is the number one producer of corn, wheat, and soy, and the drought is expected to drive up food prices.
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>> i know around here we've been dealing with rain deficits and such, but, tom, it's hard to complain about anything we're finding with the weather the next few days. >> the rain will probably be arriving next week but not for the weekend. it's looking terrific. starting off another chilly morning. much of the region, we're down in the 50s from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. right near the waters, it's right near 60. on the potomac tidal rig. we'll be up near 80 by midafternoon, still not very humid. and then a front coming through tonight. going to usher in more dry air. as it does push in, it will bring some clouds this friday evening, for your friday evening plans. might have a few passing sprinkles this evening with just a slight chance of that. and then by dawn saturday near 60. afternoon highs reaching near 80. saturday night, a beautiful evening under a mostly clear
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skies, back down to the 50s by dawn sunday. sunday looks like a terrific day as well with afternoon highs into the 70s to near 80. low humidity, lots of sunshine. then as we get back to work and school on monday, ought to be near 60 in the morning. afternoon highs in the mid-70s and thickening clouds. that's when we'll commence to a little period of shower activity moving in. does look like monday afternoon perhaps into monday evening. seven-day outlook into next week. tuesday looks like the wettest day. passing showers as an area of low pressure comes through. highs reaching the 70s. after that goes by, another run of very pleasant weather moves back in. wednesday and thursday sun back. afternoon highs 70s. breaking news in college park. if you're taking the beltway, the outer loop, a police pursuit has resulted in a crash.
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right now you have just the left lane getting you by. the exit for route 1 is blocked as well. if you're traveling the outer loop past route 1, you're going to see the right side of the roadway blocked by the accident. again, this is the result of an earlier police pursuit. you are able to get by but to the left. right now we're seeing delays grow in the area. i'm going to watch this for you. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. happening today, the president and the first lady will welcome many of our olympic athletes to the white house this morning. president obama will honor the 2012 u.s. olympic and paralympic teams in a south lawn ceremony. one of the swimmers being honored, matt mcclain of loudoun county. he helped america take gold in the men's 4 by 200 meter relay. after lockouts last year in football and basketball, hockey seems it will follow that trend. nhl players and owners have until midnight on saturday to put together a new collective bargaining agreement.
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talks have been difficult. we caught up with some caps helping to build a playground in alexandria, and they hope a deal can get done. >> i'm an eternal optimist. i'm ready for camp. we'll cross that bridge when we get there, i guess. we hope we can play. the guys are back in town excited and skating at the rink every day, and we're ready to go. >> we want to play hockey, but we need to make sure as a union and the nhl that we take care of this and really get back on the ice for the fans. i think that's the most important thing is the fans. we don't want to lose them. >> it would be the fourth labor stoppage since 1992. the last one in 2004 ended with the entire season cancelled. the washington redskins may have to take on the st. louis rams without their top receiver. pierre garcon is responsible for the skins' biggest play of the game last sunday against the new orleans saints. garcon made an 88-yard play, earning robert griffin iii his first nfl pass.
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in the process, he bruised his foot. garcon plans to try full practice today for the first time this week, but coaches say it's possible he won't be able to play this sunday. fans of the boss, bruce springsteen, is having a concert tonight at nats park, and it promises to be quite a show. ♪ >> springsteen's wrecking ball tour concert has been in other cities, and it's been an exhausting 3 1/2 hours long. the band says the concert will feature a free wheeling, gut filling, extension of heart warming songs, and one that features the "e" street band. >> in london, remember they turned the show off early because they went on too long. >> that won't happen here. >> no. they'll rage on. the time 5:26. coming up, new developments overnight in an attempt to stop
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the violence at several american embass why's i. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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[ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy.
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selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. a no-fly zone is enforced outside of libya as the u.s. tries to stop protests outside its embassies. the man who tried to attempt an attack on the u.s. capitol will learn his fate. and apple fans try to get their order in for the new iphone 5. we're going to have much more on those stories throughout the morning. first, good morning. i'm angie goff, in for eun yang. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news 4 today" on this friday, september 14th. as we look outside our studios, temperatures mid-60s. we're happy about what could be coming this weekend.
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>> driving in this morning, i ran into a little fog, tom. >> there is some in the rural areas. i'm told there's some interest in the weekend forecast. >> maybe just a little bit. >> a lot of things going on. the eighth street festival in washington. the frederick fair in frederick, maryland. high school football tonight. a lot of things going on. rally for clean water. georgetown waterfront park. take a look outside. off to a chilly start. a few clouds coming through, and we'll have these clouds coming and going here through much of the morning hours. patchy clouds and fog. areas of dark green in the 50s. look at that. a large area including most of virginia, maryland, eastern shore, down to the low to mid-50s. reagan national is at 64, and it's going to be chilly through 7:00, 8:00 this morning. we'll still be in the 50s. that patchy fog should be dissipating after that. then at noontime for your lunch hour, delightful outdoor lunch. highs reaching near 80 after
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that. and it will be accompanied by low humidity through the afternoon, even though we'll have quite a bit of cloudiness coming in. still going to hit near 80 by midafternoon. which late afternoon back down to the 70s. a look at your friday evening and hometown forecast in ten minutes. first 4 traffic now. we've got traffic trouble. danella, good morning. >> that's right, tom. here's an update on the accident. if you're traveling the outer loop of the beltway, the crash now at route 1 has two of your left lanes getting by. you can see heavy police presence. if you're trying to take the exit ramp for route 1, you can't. that exit ramp is blocked. let's talk about delays. big delays are growing. here's a live look at 201, and you can see they're absolutely jammed in this area on the outer loop of the beltway. delays are growing. again, once you get towards college park, you are able to get by. just two lanes to the left and slowly because there is a large police presence. earlier, there was a police pursuit resulting in the
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accident there, and everybody's slowing down. just be aware of that. angie, over to you. >> danella, thank you. we are following a developing story. protests are persisting across the middle east following violent and deadly attacks earlier this week. 11 countries have now seen crowds lash out at u.s. consulates. nbc's tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill with more. good morning, tracie. >> angie, good morning. the big concern is what happens after friday prayers where large crowds are already gathered in many of the arab nations. today we do know that our staff that was in benghazi have been evacuated to tripoli, and tripoli at the embassy there in libya, only emergency workers as authorities fear more violence today. we have also learned in libya that officials have already
5:34 am
arrested four people for the death of ambassador chris stevens. overnight in egypt, there was tear gas and rocks, some 200 people injured. meantime here at the state department, secretary of state clinton has identified the two security guards who were killed. >> they were good and brave men. they were committed to the prospect of building a brighter future for the people of libya. >> reporter: republicans accusing the obama administration of mixed signals and an arab spring gone bad. meantime the fbi, one team on its way to libya to investigate. also, the fbi looking into the filmmaker whose film touched off these protests. apparent apparently, according to court records, he was on probation, not supposed to be using the internet. angie, back to you. >> tracie, thanks for those details. and the still rising anger over that film that helped spark the attacks has officials worried
5:35 am
that violence may spread to the u.s. the fbi and homeland security released a bulletin warning first responders of the potential for large protests in u.s. cities. it makes no mention of specific threats but points out that, as the film gains more attention, it could prompt more violence both here and abroad. the bulletin also asked faith-based communities to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. police on the lookout for who murdered a prince george's county teenager. police looking for who murdered amber stanley. a man broke into amber stanley's kettering home last month and shot her as she was sleeping. police will hand out flyers at the kettering shopping center and mitchellville shopping center. stanley was a senior in high school and had dreams of going to harvard. today a prince george's county high school will honor a student killed earlier this week. central high school will hold a
5:36 am
memorial service for 18-year-old marckel ross. last night family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember him. ross was shot and killed tuesday morning as he was walking to school. the recent murders of two teens now in the county has shocked and saddened a lot of residents. >> it affects us. it affects the parents. it affects the whole community. >> prince george's county police are offering up to $25,000 for anyone with information that leads to an arrest. police say the 19-year-old victim had been there for a sporting event. according to the "baltimore sun," his cousin plays on the school's football team. and the school's top athletic trainer saved the victim's life by treating him until paramedics got to the scene. still no arrests have been made in this case. a maryland state delegate convicted of stealing from the general assembly is expected to enter another guilty plea.
5:37 am
delegate tiffany alston of bowie was convicted in june for stealing $800 to pay a salary for her employee at a private law office. now she's facing a second criminal charge. prosecutors say she dipped into her 2010 campaign to buy a wedding dress and pay for other expenses. despite reports out of cuba, u.s. officials say there is no offer on the table to bring a maryland contractor jailed in that country home. the cuban diplomat said yesterday that her country was willing to negotiate with the u.s. for the release of alan gross. the state department, though, says it has not received any cooperation on a deal. they also believe cuba wants to trade for cuban agents jailed in the u.s. gross is serving a 15-year sentence for illegally bringing internet equipment into cuba for the jewish community. the time 5:37. check your bank account, folks. straight ahead, how criminals were able to get away with thousands of dollars without the victims even knowing it.
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this bear found the best way to beat the heat. police in california caught this young black bear taking a dip in a backyard swimming pool. apparently, the bear had been making the rounds at other pools trying to stay cool. he eventually took off and disappeared into the nearby woods. l.a. residents say there have been several bear sightings this summer. >> maybe that pool was too warm. >> that pool's too big. who owns something like that? come on. >> the next pool will be just right.
5:42 am
5:41 is our time right now. speaking of just right. >> i don't think you want to be jumping into any pools right now. it's not really that hot out there. a little bit more humid than it has been. i >> i really can't complain. tom kierein, what have you got? >> got some dampness in the air. hometown forecast for great falls. partly sunny by noontime. upper 70s there. all around the region today, highs reaching near 80 by midafternoon, low humidity and increasing clouds. if you're going out tonight for your friday evening. sunset 7:17. mostly cloudy. slight chance of a sprinkle this evening, back down to near 70 by midnight. the seven day outlook by 5:51. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning, tom. still tracking breaking news in college park. if you're taking the outer loop of the beltway at route 1.
5:43 am
the crash has three of the left lanes getting by. actually, it looks like all your lanes are open. just the exit ramp to college park is shut down. earlier, the crash was blocking several of your lanes on the outer loop past college park. travel lanes are open. ramp still blocked. let's talk about delays. absolutely jammed at kenilworth avenue. delays are prior to kenilworth, and they are rock solid. earlier, one lane getting by. now you have the travel lanes open. the ramp is still closed. hopefully, you'll start to see some relief. for now, taking the loop of the beltway pretty slow in prince george's county. 5:43 right now. speed cameras are supposed to watch over drivers. now something else is watching over why one county is adding more many cameras. >> plus why a common device around d.c
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5:46 right now. police are warning visitors to the inova fairfax cardiac care center to check their bank accounts. somebody installed a skimmer on the atm back in august. since then, police believe crooks stole thousands from unsuspecting employees, patients, and visitors. they say there are things you can do to protect yourself from this kind of crime. >> if there's anything that's sticking out at all anywhere, like this, try to jiggle it and tug on it and make sure that it can't come out because these things are attached sometimes on top of it, and they will come right out if you tug on it. >> police are still investigating, but at this point, no arrests in the case. a battle over abortion clinic regulations will bring the virginia board of health to another vote today. back in june, the board voted to
5:48 am
apply new hospital building standards to abortion clinics. they only applied the rule to new abortion centers, exempting existing ones. virginia's attorney general ken cuccinelli refused to certify the rules. he also told the board he may have to hire outside counsel if it's sued under those guidelines. a security guard shot outside the family research council will be honored tonight for his service. leo johnson is credited for disarming a gunman in the lobby last month after getting shot in the arm. tonight he'll receive a reward at the voters value summit. shooter floyd corkins disagreed with the policy at the family research council. a woman is in custody with connection to a deadly shooting in northwest d.c. investigators say she stabbed a man near the intersection of fourth and bryant streets near the rhode island metro station. the two knew each other. the man died after being ert o
5:49 am
transported to an area hospital. i apologize. it was a be sstabbing, not a shooting. robert gladden jr. appeared in court yesterday but had his bail hearing postponed. his lawyers requested the bail hearing be pushed back so they could review recent mental health evaluations. gladden allegedly shot a student on the first day at perry hall high. gladden faces 29 charges, including attempted murder. a new ad campaign is being launched in the district, and it aims to create a better environment for transgender people. mayor vincent gray revealed a campaign coming in the coming weeks. the plan to make sure transgender people have equal access to employment and housing and that incidents of discrimination are reported. the power is back on this
5:50 am
morning in germantown after a blown fuse caught fire. take a look. this video shot by a viewer shows it in flames. that fire knocked out power to more than 100 customers, including a giant food store. police had to detour traffic in that area for some time. firefighters were able to get the flames under control, and the power was restored about 10:00 last night. taking metro could be a little safer this morning thanks to a new monitoring system. the transit agency says the newly installed system can protect and warn about the type of problem that led to the deadly 2009 crash on the red line. before this system, metro reviewed data two times a day. now they can review trains in realtime. this may help the transit agency return to automated mode. prince george's county police say they have no choice but to install cameras to watch cameras. they're setting up surveillance
5:51 am
cameras to keep an eye on the county's speed cameras after a rash of vandalism. the cameras cost thousands to repair. police hope to have 12 surveillance cameras up in the next couple of months. they say it's a matter of public safety. d.c.'s department of health will meet today to try to figure out a way to avoid west nile virus in the district. for some residents, they say the mosquito problem is due to canopy keepers used to water trees along the sidewalks. the standing water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and even a simple task such as walking their dog has turned into a race to make sure they don't come home covered by bites. >> i've always gotten bitten by mosquitoes. but this summer is the worst summer of repmy life. we'll take her out for just ten minutes, and i'll come home with at least three or four bites every single night. >> officials recommend using
5:52 am
mosquito repellant with deet and avoid walking around outside at dusk and dawn. >> 5:51 is our time. tom kierein, the man of the hour all week long, it's got to feel like that to you. >> this has been award winning weather. and as a result, i would like to thank the academy for presenting me with this award. on behalf of the meteorological society and the award winning weather we've had all week. i want to thank my mother, my father. >> play the music. >> but not my older brother because he deflated the air in my tires on my bicycle. anyway, we're off to a beautiful start. we'll find out if dan ella gets an award later. it's a fresh and school start this morning. we've got no travel problems weather-wise.
5:53 am
just a few clouds floating over. a little patchy fog in the rural areas. for your morning, still in the 50s to low 60s. as we get to the noon hour, it's going to be beautiful for an outdoor luncheon, the low to mid-70s, lots of sunshine, just a few clouds coming through. low humidity in place through the rest of the afternoon will be peaking in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. clouds increasing by mid to late afternoon. and then by late afternoon back down to the upper 70s. if you're going out tonight for this friday evening, high school football tonight. clouds rolling through. just a small chance of a sprinkle by 8:00 mid-70s. by 10:00 low 70s. near 70 by midnight. by dawn saturday, here's the storm team 4 four-day forecast near 60 tomorrow morning under a clear sky. saturday afternoon up around 80. lots of sunshine. gorgeous day for all the outdoor activities. tomorrow the eighth street festival is going on, the rally for clean water, georgetown
5:54 am
waterfront park. the great frederick fair going on in frederick county, maryland, in downtown frederick on the frederick fairgrounds and the bluemont fair going on saturday and sunday. beautiful both days, low humidity and lots of sun. best chance of rain, monday afternoon and evening and perhaps on tuesday. after that, we dry out again. i'm back in ten minutes. danella, any award-winning traffic? >> no, tom. you know this. i'm still tracking breaking news on the roadways. i'm starting to feel some type of wave because tom breaks out awards and nice weather. i break out delays. i have good news, though. earlier crash on college park on the outer loop of the beltway, that's clear. your exit ramp to route 1, that's available to you too. here's a live look from chopper 4 as you make your way slowly past bw parkway. that's where you're slow. these delays continue all the way to route 1. the good news is, once you get towards route 1, those travel lanes are open. you're still just sluggish. delays roughly 2.5 miles on the
5:55 am
outer loop. let's head to i-270. slow as well as you make your way past 109. as you travel southbound, they start at 80. then you'll hit the brakes at 109. things look nice and clear as you make your way towards germantown. you can expect more delays on metro this weekend. track work impacting four of the system's five lines. only one station will actually be close the this weekend, the greenbelt station on the green line. but single tracking on two stations of the red line as well as vienna and west falls church on the orange line as well as stadium and armory boulevard on the blue line. work starts tonight. should be done in time for the monday morning commute. and good news for blue line riders. metro wants to pay you to try riding the yellow line. since starting the new plus program, blue riders have complained about fewer trains. metro is now offering you a $5 fare card to transfer to the yellow line, which now gets more
5:56 am
trains during the rush. you can get one of the free fare cards tuesday and wednesday between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. at pentagon city and l'enfant plaza. they also will hand them out during the evening rush on september 25th and 27th. we are going to be watching wall street closely this morning after a move by the fed sent stocks soaring. what does it all mean for the economy? cnbc's is here to explain it all. the federal reserve is making a big push to boost the u.s. economy. the move is designed to drive down mortgage rates, easing borrowing costs for both individuals and businesses. and the short term, it could, as it did yesterday, give the stock market a major boost. it may also increase home sales
5:57 am
and home prices, increasing americans' net worth. it may also continue to fuel the refinancing boom we've seen over the past year. here's the premise. shaving money from your monthly payment may encourage you to reinvest that extra cash back into your home or the economy. however, economists warn lower rates may not spur companies to hire more workers or invest in new equipment and technology. so we'll stay tuned to the developments. the walls outside ben's chili bowl features famous portraits, including those of president obama and bill cosby. >> now the godfather of go-go has taken his place among them. a portrait of chuck brown was posted there yesterday. there are other murals in several other wards. >> which is wonderful.
5:58 am
we've got 40 of them across the city. 5:57 now. still ahead, a tense situation in cairo as we speak.
5:59 am
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